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Call for presentations at joint UCISA Networking/ Infrastructure Group Review of Cloud Computing (31 Oct 2012, Nottingham)

June 13, 2012

Initial deadline for responses: 29 June 2012

The organising committee for the forthcoming event to review cloud computing in the UK academic sector is seeking speakers willing to provide a critical evaluation (successful or otherwise) of the implementation of cloud computing solutions.

The review is designed as a follow-on to the successful seminar held in February 2011 that introduced participants to a range of cloud computing approaches. Eighteen months later and cloud computing continues to evolve and is becoming a normal part of the delivery of IT services within the academic sector. Therefore, this review event is intended to reflect on the demonstrable benefits and challenges offered by the adoption of cloud computing services whilst continuing a focus on innovative solutions.

The event’s programme will include a series of case studies drawn from institutions within the academic sector and it is for these that we invite presentations. Examples of topics on which the organising committee would welcome proposals include, but are not limited to:

* incorporating cloud computing services within institutional IT or procurement strategies and subsequent implementation;

* developing private cloud services, whether within a single institution or a consortium, and any integration with sector/public clouds;

* addressing the networking challenges associated with large, scalable, data-rich cloud infrastructure;

* brokering cloud services, including the creation of so-called ‘app’ stores within an institution or community;

If you would like to share your knowledge and experience, in a 30-40 minute session, with the wider community then please contact us (via this site or Tweet @m_fraser_oucs). We would be very grateful if you could send any initial ideas for presentations by Friday, 29 June 2012. We will then be very pleased to discuss your suggestions with you.

On behalf of the UCISA Networking & Infrastructure Groups,

Matt Cook
Mike Fraser
Roger Snelling

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